Nominated Heroines – I

Have you been nominated?  Have you sent us your portrait for inclusion on our heroinic wall?  Please send your picture to and we’ll replace your blue square with your Portrait!

Ines Doujak

Iris Hassid Segal

Iringó Demeter

Irina Ruppert


Ingrid Mwangi

Ingrid Hernandez

Inez van Lamsweerde

Ilse Haider

India stone

Ioanna Sakellaraki

Izumi Miyazaki

Ingrid Pollard

Iggy Smalls

Idil Sukan

Ibolya Feher

Ichihashi Orie

Imogen Forte

Indira Echeruo

Inese Golde

Irene Froy

Irene Miller

Isabela Jerdrzejczyk

Isy Anderson

Izzy Pullen