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Title: Claude Cahun
Author: PlanetHeroines
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Description: I would like to nominate the French surrealist photographer who went by the name Claude Cahun, born in Nantes Lucy Renee Mathide Schwob became an artist sculptor and photographer. She was the daughter of a Jewish left wing radical publisher and supporter of the arts. Lucy was brought up by her grandmother because of her mothers mental illness. After antisemitic events at her school in France. Lucy was sent to an English boarding school. She would summer on the island of Jersey, where the family would take a suite at the St Brelades Hotel. In time she moved to the island to live. When the Germans invaded she decided to stay and worked for the resistance. Eventually she was caught and imprisoned on the island awaiting deportation.

Before she could be sent to a concentration camp the island was liberated. Academics have studied her work and she was playing with self and identity long before the likes of Gillian Waring and Cindy Sherman. There have been several exhibitions of her work including the National Portrait Gallery and the Tate.

I would like to recommend Claude Cahun as a pioneering photographer, and certainly one of the one hundred heroines.

One of few women to actively participate in the surrealist movement, who was described by André Breton as “one of the most curious spirits of our time.

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