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Historical Heroines

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The Royal Photographic Society was more enlightened than many other learned societies with regard to gender equality.  Its first rules (1853) noted that membership was open equally to men and women.

Last year’s #HundredHeroines campaign focused on living photographers. But we recognise that there are many heroines no longer with us who’ve played an important role in photography since its inception – many of whom have been written out of the history books.  The aim of the next phase of the Heroines Project is to highlight historical heroines who have made major contributions to both the art and science of photography.

Voting has now closed for the main contest, but we have a tie for the last five places, with 85 heroines each having received 1 vote.  The second round to fill those five places is now open HERE

Voting for round 2 closes on 15th April

How to Participate

You can do some research and get more involved!

We want to provide a profile for each nominee and we’re asking for your help in putting these together. This might be a link to a Wikipedia entry, an online video or a scholarly article; or you might want to write something yourself, which will be credited to you. Whatever information you have, email it to us 100heroines@rps.org.

Nominated Historical Heroines

A to F

Aase Goldsmith
Alexandra Boulat
Alice Austin
Alice Schalek
Alison Gernsheim
Amelia Elizabeth Guppy
Ana Mendieta
Anja Niedringhaus
Ann Cooke
Anna Atkins
Anne Brigman
Anni Schulz
Annie Blake
Barbara Pflaum
Beatrice Freyberger
Běla Kolářová
Berenice Abbott
Bertha Beckmann
Bessie Raynor Parkes
Betti Mautner
Birgit Jürgenssen
Blanche Henrietta Pechell née Shelley
Bobbi Baker Burrows
Caroline Emily Nevill (Lady)
Caroline Margaret Kerrison (Lady)
Caroline Taylor
Catherine Leroy
Catherine Verschoyle
Cecilia Glaisher
Christina Broom
Claire de Rouen
Claude Cahun
Clementina Hawarden (Lady)
Compton Collier
Constance Fox Talbot
Consuelo Kanaga
Corrine Day
Countess Mary Rosse
Diane Arbus
Dickey Chapelle
Dora Horovitz
Dora Kallmus
Doreathea Lange
Dorothy Frances Edith Wilding
E Lennie
Edith Barakovitch
Edith Glogau
Edith Tudor Hart
Elizabeth Anne Finn née McCaul
Elizabeth Eastlake (Lady)
Elizabeth Fulhame
Elizabeth Louisa How
Elizabeth Stockdale Wilkinson
Elizabeth Vignoles
Elizabeth Withington née Kirby
Elly Niebuhr
Emily Anne Payne-Frankland (Lady)
Emma Barton
Emma Frances Johnston
Emma Thomasina Llewellyn née Talbot
Emma Thomasina Llewellyn née Talbot
Emmy Bernatzik
Erika Hubatschek
Esther Bubley
Eugenie Goldstern
Eva Besnyö
Eve Arnold
Evelyn Hofer
Fay Godwin
Florence Henri
Frances Anna Georgiana Kinnaird née Ponsonby (Lady)
Frances Elizabeth Bree
Frances Jocelyn (Lady)
Frances Monteith
Frances Sally Day
Francesca Woodman
Franki Raffles
Franziska Möllinger
Friedl Dicker

G to L

Galina Sanko
Gerda Taro
Germaine Krull
Gerti Deutsch
Gertrude Käsebier
Geta Brătescu
Gisèle Freund
Gisèle Wulfsohn
Grete Kolliner
Hanna Maynard
Hannah Höch
Hannah Wilke
Harriet Ann Tucker
Harriet Tytler
Hazel Larsen Arche
Helen Chadwick
Helen Gee
Helen Levitt
Henrietta Augusta Nevill (Lady)
Hilla Becher
Homai Vyarawalla
Ida Kar
Ilsa Stern
Ilse Bing
Imogen Cunningham
Inge Morath
Ingeborg Strobl
Ira Wright Martin
Isabel Agnes Cowper
Jan Groover
Jane Bown HonFRPS
Jane Martha
Jane Wigley
Jennie Louise Van Der Zee Welcome
Jessica Piazzi Smyth
Jessie Fergus
Jessie Mann
Jessie Tarbox Beals
Jo Spence
Julia Margaret Cameron
Julia Pirotte
Julia Shannon
Justine Henrietta Ross née Macrae
Karimeh Abbud
Kati Horna
Khadija Saye
Laura Aguilar
Laura Gilpin
Lee Miller
Lena Connell
Lilian Maria Fayer
Lillian Bassman
Linda McCartney
Lisette Model
Lola Álvarez Bravo
Lora Webb Nichols
Lotte Hendrich-Hassman
Lotte Jacobi
Louise Dahl-Wolf
Lucia Moholy
Lucia Schulz

M to Z

Madame d’Ora
Madame Yevonde
Margaret Bourke-White
Margaret Dreghorn Baillie
Margaret Harker
Margaret J Newton
Margarethe Gross
Maria Chambefort
Mariana Yampolsky
Marianne Bergler
Marie Cosindas
Marion Palfi
Marion Post Wolcott
Marta Hoepffner
Mary Ann Robb
Mary Dillwyn
Mary Ellen Mark
Mary Emma Lynn
Mary Jane Matheson née Percival (Lady)
Mary Rosse (Lady)
Maud Sulter
Minna Keene
Nancy Newhall
Nancy Sheung
Olive Cotton
Olive Edis
Ottilia Reizman
Pauline Trevelyan (Lady)
Penny Tweedie
Pepa Feldscharek
Polixeni Papapetrou
Rosa Jenik
Ruby Washington
Ruth Bernhard
Ruth Orkin
Sarah Holcomb
Sarah Louise Judd
Shima Ryū
Shirley Baker
Sue Steward
Susan Eliza Evans née Gisborne
Thereza Story-Maskelyne
Tina Modotti
Tish Murtha
Toni Frissell
Trude Fleischmann
Trude Geiringer
Vivian Maier
Winifred Casson
Ylla Camilla Koffler
Yva (Else Ernestine Neuländer-Simon)
Zaida Ben-Yusuf
Zofia Rydet