Portraits: Black and White

Emily Andersen

A monograph devoted to the black-and-white portraits of celebrated Bohemians, intellectuals and artists.


Hardback,230 x 180mm (p)
70 black and white images

ISBN: 978-1-910221-17-4
RRP: £30 / €35 / $40

UK Release :18 October 2018
Designed by Melanie Mues / Mues Design
Texts by Emily Andersen and Jonathan P. Watts

Printed by EBS, Verona
Published by Anomie
Distributed by Casement Art

Stephen and Lola Frears 1993

Bill and Sanso 1994

Jackson Twins 1997

Anna & Eduardo Paolozzi 1995

Mimi and Martin Richman 1992

Diamanda Galàs 1988

G&V at home 1986

all images © Emily Andersen