Mimi Mollica


This week, we’re starting to introduce our Ambassadors for the Hundred Heroines project. Ambassadors will be spreading the word and sharing their nominations with us.

“It’s a great honour for me to have been chosen as an ambassador for the Hundred Heroines project by the RPS. It’s now, more than ever before, crucial to celebrate the role women have in our industry, and with so many talented photographers out there I am sure the final selection will make a mark in the history of photography.” (Mimi Mollica)

Mimi Mollica FRPS (Palermo, Italy 1975) is an award winning documentary photographer and multimedia artist whose work examines themes relating to identity, culture, environment, migration, and the impacts of social and political change upon communities. Mollica’s long-term, projects are characterised by a thorough photojournalistic rigour and attention to detail, counterbalanced with a strong personal vision and poetic.

Terra Nostra has recently been featured by Conscientious Mag, 1000 Words Magazine, The Observer Book of the Month and Lens Culture.

You can see more of Mimi’s work on his website, follow him on Instagram and Twitter (@mimimoliica) or join him on Facebook