Max Robinson FRPS

It is truly an honour to be an Ambassador for this wonderful and timely campaign to recognise Women in Photography around the World. Photography was my first love at the age of 10 and it was my mother who encouraged me and made it happen so this is a great way to say “Thank you Mum!”.

My career eventually took me in a different direction but then I joined the Royal Photographic Society 30 years later and I’ve been making up for lost time ever since. After gaining my Associateship in 2013, I was awarded the first ever Fellowship in Multimedia in 2016 for my documentary film “Night train to Kazan”. Earlier this year I was awarded my second Fellowship, this time in the Travel category for a portfolio of monochrome images documenting the daily lives and traditions of the Hamer tribe of Ethiopia. My documentary films and my portfolios are at maxVmax

Along with photography, my main engagement is the charity Rainbows4children which I co-founded with Kathryn, my wife. We have built a school which provides high quality education for 1400 children of war veterans with disabilities in Mekele, Ethiopia.

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