Geoff Nicholson

This week, we’re starting to introduce our Ambassadors for the Hundred Heroines campaign. Ambassadors will be spreading the word and sharing their nominations with us.

“The history of photography is constantly being written and rewritten. Reputations rise and fall. Minor figures are suddenly reassessed as major ones. By selecting 100 contemporary living female photographers we may not change history forever, but we’re definitely helping to write an intriguing “first draft” for the future.” (Geoff Nicholson)

Geoff Nicholson is best known as a novelist, whose work includes Still Life With Volkswagens, The City Under the Skin and Bleeding London. The last of these was the basis for a major RPS exhibition.

As a journalist he has written extensively about art and photography for Modern Painters, Art Review, The Guardian, the Daily Telegraph and The Los Angeles Review of Books where he is a contributing editor. Subjects have included Martin Parr, Bruce Gilden, Vivian Maier and Mariko Mori.

He has been a photographer all his life and has had photographs published, but he says, “I think I’m just good enough to know the difference between someone who’s a very competent amateur and someone who’s doing it for real.”

His favourite living female photographers include Hiromix, Val Wilmer, Catherine Opie and Amy Arbus.

He currently divides his time between Los Angles and London.

He blogs as the Hollywood Walker